Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Race to the Pin Giveaway!

Another great giveaway to celebrate the release of To Win Her Favor

Win a gorgeous Pandora "Bourbon Belle Bracelet," a Lodge Cast Iron Griddle (inspired by a fun scene in the novel), and a fabulous Cookbook that I now fully believe I need for myself. 

I mean, I should really "kitchen test" it first before sending it to you, right? It's the only kind thing to do. I'm just naturally nice like that. Wait... I almost choked there for a minute, sorry...  : )

Let me know if you're taking part! And truly, I'd hug you if I could, thank you for reading and taking these journeys with me.


  1. I love this idea! Having fun putting a board together for this!

  2. My husband took the girls out to give me a little break and I've been having a blast finding images that reflect my experience reading the novel!

  3. Totally into reliving To Win Her Favor as I search pix ! Luv the creativity - Hoping you enJoy !

  4. Loved this! I had such a great time pinning and creating graphics for my board!!


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