Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Exclusive Material for Among the Fair Magnolias

Here's the UNLOCKED EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL for ‪#‎AmongtheFairMagnolias‬, friends! 
Thanks so much for sharing this book's release with your reading buddies and for your enthusiasm to read it. Y'all are the best! 
Let me know what you think about the exclusive material. Do you enjoy getting sneak peeks of upcoming releases like this? As well as additional scenes?

Releases July 14


  1. Hi Tamera! I am excited that so many participated in sharing this on Facebook. I was happy to share it, because I know so many readers love to see teasers, excerpts, etc of upcoming books. Personally, I leave that to every one else, b/c I love to read a book and and encounter all of it for the first time. I have an annoying habit of figuring out major plot points in books and movies by watching trailers and reading excerpts. :) I'm looking forward to Among the Fair Magnolias and I want to frame the cover. It's gorgeous!

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