Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Low-Carb Lunch!

I just made these two dishes for the first time for lunch today. I wanted something "taco-ish" so went to one of my favorite low-carb site: All Day I Dream About Food

Oh. My. Word. Delicious

Recipes below.

Then I made these yummy Blonde Brownies...

Sorry I didn't take a pic of the actual brownie. Was in too big of hurry to taste it. 

They're sooo good! 

Aren't familiar with low-carb cooking and baking? 

Here are some of the tried and true ingredients I use.

While I love the convenience of ordering from Amazon (especially when a deadline approaches), Amazon is too expensive on the Lilly's sugar-free chocolate chips. So I buy mine from a local natural market called Sprouts!

Are you cooking and baking lower carb these days? I am. And loving it! Don't get me wrong… Buttermilk Biscuits will always be in my repertoire. Only, perhaps a little less often these days.

Check out the full recipe for the Easy Taco Pie



  1. Thank you for this info, Tamera!! I'm anxious to try the recipes you mentioned and the website. Every tooth in my head is a "sweet tooth", I think, lol - I use stevia in beverages, but have yet to try natural sweeteners in baking. Yet, my health issues require I limit sugar and a ketogenic diet is recommended by some of the natural health experts I follow. Do you find you enjoy food with erythritol as much as with sugar or is it a taste you must acquire? I think erythritol is one of the ingredients in sugar-free Russell Stover chocolates that upset my stomach a number of years ago, however, it may have been because I consumed too much, lol. Upon your advice, I'm going to try it in my baking, I'm always looking for a healthy way to enjoy baked goods. Guess I want my cake and to eat it also, lol!!

    1. Hey Bonnie! I've tried to answer you three time and each time it blinks and won't save it. Trying again and hoping this "sticks." If you're able to handle stevia, you should be able to handle erythritol. But I would encourage you to use Swerve, which is fabulous! Here's the link: I used this a ton, and it's excellent in baking! As far as SF chocolate, I'd encourage you to try Chocoperfection ( It's the best I've found. Not cheap but I've always found that since going low carb, my cravings for sugar have greatly decreased (talk about wonderful). So a little goes a long way. Please do try some of these recipes. They're so good and are a very healthy alternative. Hugs!

  2. Looks delicious! Tamera, I just wanted to say I've finished reading To Win Her Favor for the second time and love, love, love this book!

    Makes me laugh, cry and cheer on the underdog! A great read - thank you!

    1. THANK YOU, Christine! Made my day, woman!


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