Monday, August 27, 2007

Latest in Christian Fiction

Check out this great cover from Days & Hours, Susan Meissner's newest novel. It hits the shelves today!

Days & Hours is the third installment of the Rachael Flynn mystery series. The heroine is a 30-year-old defense attorney-turned-prosecutor who works in the Ramsey County Attorneys office in St. Paul, MN.
She lives in a loft apartment across the river in Minneapolis (and she used to travel that bridge that collapsed!!) with her artist husband, Trace.

Trace has a circle of highly artistic friends, one in particular named Fig, who help her pick apart crime scenes by sketching possible scenarios. With their help and her gift-like insights into the human condition, Rachael assists St Paul homicide detective, Will Pendleton, solve tough cases.

When Susan Meissner was a guardian ad litem for the state of Minnesota, she was introduced to the world of the single mother who lives in poverty, dependent on the state, and often woefully unprepared for motherhood.

Susan delved into that world in Days & Hours, paying particular attention to the stigma we place on the stuck-on-welfare mom. They are not a one-size fits all demographic. Some cannot find success no matter how hard they try. Some simply don’t try. Most love their children as best they can. Many know it takes more than love to raise a child, but they have no other resources at their disposal. Susan doesn’t pretend to offer answers, just raise awareness.
When you have a minute, check out Days & Hours.
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