Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Deadline...

I'm approaching the finish of the first draft of From a Distance which releases in spring 2008, and have really grown to love Elizabeth Westbrook and Daniel Ranslett, the main characters. It's amazing how much these people become like friends during the writing process, and how deeply I've grown to care about them. When the time comes, I hope you do too!

Jack got groomed yesterday and looked so cute. Thought I'd share a picture. I just love that little guy! I was riding the recumbent bike tonight and he kept trying to jump up and sit in my lap. So what did I do? What any respectable dog lover would...I gave him a ride! All the while thinking, "What on earth am I doing..."

One last note--if you've emailed me recently and I haven't responded yet, please know that I will. The move from CO to TN this summer, combined with unpacking, getting kids off to college, and getting this book finished has been a bit overwhelming.

I've got your emails in my Inbox and promise to answer as soon as I click "SEND" on this first draft of From a Distance. Okay, I'm going to have a Caramel Latte first, then I'll write! ;)
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