Thursday, September 20, 2007

Away in Dallas...

Thanks for the great response to Tricia's book! She really appreciates it, and we'll have that drawing for her book on Monday!

I'm currently in Dallas at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference, and am having a great time. I've already met with two writers who signed up for a paid critique with me (waving to Jill and Amy) and look forward to meeting with the rest tomorrow. Plus I teach a workshop on dissecting novels on Saturday and look forward to that. I love to teach!

Let me remind you of the book signing coming up on Saturday. If you live in the area, I'd love to see you (as would a slew of other authors)! Click here for more details.

Here's a quick snapshot of me with two new writer buddies I met tonight following dinner, Sherrie Ashcraft and Christina Berry (mother and daughter, no less!):

More pics coming! But I've got an early morning meeting tomorrow and am heading to bed! I'm rooming with that cantankerous Deborah Raney and she just wouldn't stop talking last night! And I did everything in the world to discourage her!

And if you believe that... ;)


  1. I want to come and be roomies with you and Deb!! That sounds like fun! But alas, I have my own conference and hotel buddies to have fun with this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time! Say Hi to Deb for me...and tell her I would be happy to make her a quilt with book covers on it or another flannel raggy quilt which I am 100% better at quilting at now than I was a year ago... I am excitedly awaiting to see your new book cover and read the book so I can plan your next quilt. Oh...when you have a second, could you send me your address, your birthday present has been returned back to me twice now as no such address!! It is getting expensive to pay postage on this package!
    Miss you lots! Pray for the women of JCC...their coordinator is a looney dipstick! LOL!

  2. Wow! You are SO quick! We got home this morning at 3 AM Dallas time. I got up, took the kids to school, and now I'm going back for a little more snoozing.

    It was fantastic meeting you! You are one of our favorite authors and a wonderful person. :-)


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