Friday, September 14, 2007

Glimpses of Deeper Still, and NOT pretty in pink!

Last weekend, Polly Alexander (my college roommate) and I attended the Deeper Still Conference together and had a blast! I promised a picture of us from that event, AND one from years past.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize how blurry the picture taken last weekend was (the 64 ounce cup of coffee in the young girl's hand should have been a tip off), but here it is anyway! ;)

And I still haven't unpacked everything from the move this summer, groan, so it took me a while to find the pictures from the boxes.

But here are pics of Polly and me from...ahem...a few years ago.

Polly and me at her Wedding
Polly, why oh why did you made me wear pink--PINK, with my hair!! I have no clue. And look at that hair style! Oh my gracious...

And here we are from college days visiting Heber Springs in Arkansas. Gorgeous place! As soon as class was over, we'd head out there to play.

It's wonderful to be close to Polly again after all these years. Don't tell our husbands but we're planning a weekend trip to the Biltmore. I've never been and hear it's wonderful.

Actually, it might be fun to take the guys with us this time. We'll see...

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