Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pics from this weekend

I had a great time in Memphis last week and then signing in Fayetteville and Winchester this weekend. Here are some pics...

Joe and me having dinner with Randy and Brenda Curtis (our hosts) on Thursday evening, at Little Venice. Delicious! And a wonderful time catching up with good friends.
Brenda Curtis is the President of the Memphis Chapter of the Associated Women of Harding (AWH). They invited me to speak at their gathering on Thursday evening and I had such a great time. These ladies are so gracious! Thanks for inviting me, Brenda!

Jeannie Alexander and me at AWH (Jeannie and I went to Harding together, but there's no relation. We both married Alexanders )

Saturday in Fayetteville, TN at Alexander's Bibles Books & Gifts. Betty Alexander (again, no relation, that we know of anyway ) is standing to my right and was so gracious to invite me! Thanks, Betty! You have a lovely store and a wonderful staff!

A special thanks to Ramona (in the ivory sweater, who manages the Wal-Mart in Winchester) who sent an (ahem...) lovely Arkansas, Razorback cap back to my husband (Ramona also married into Razorback fever, bless both our hearts ). Great to meet you Ramona, and my husband is already wearing your gift. Somehow it didn't "get lost" on the way home.

My dad is originally from Fayetteville so I'm blessed to have family there. Here I am with my cousins Gay and Jeannie. Thanks gals for such wonderful food! I can't wait to make that fruit dip! But it is okay to eat it straight from the bowl?

Me with Betty Alexander (the bookstore owner) and my precious Aunt Jean. When I was a young girl, I'd spend two weeks every summer visiting my relatives who live in the Winchester/Fayetteville area, and I had such a blast. It was great to be with everyone again. Love you, Aunt Jean! Thanks for all the "word of mouth" you've given my books. You're an amazing publicist!

Me with my cousin Lydia and her daughter, Sarah. Looking at Sarah is like stepping back in time. She looks JUST like her mom looked when we were kids and used to play in the pond. Thanks for stopping by, gals. Was great to see you!

Me with Betty Alexander, owner of Alexander's Bible's Books and Gifts. Blessings to you, Betty, for your ministry there in Winchester. You have a beautiful store.

Saturday afternoon The Book Inn in Fayetteville on the town square hosted me for a signing and I met my "three sisters" that I always wished I'd had. LOL! Bonnie (pictured to my right), it was a delight to meet you, friend! Thanks for your kind words about my books and for being such an encouragement!

Me with Patty Walker, my sweet cousin who coordinated the signing at The Book Inn during Fayetteville's annual Host of Christmas Past. We had a wonderful time together during the signing and then afterward as we walked the town square (pictured below), shopping for antiques and eating at Rachel's. Thanks, Patty!

Me with Pam Howell (owner of The Book Inn in Fayetteville), and Patty Walker. Pam, thanks much for hosting me. You and your staff are so gracious!

And finally, a picture of Fayetteville's lovely town square. They had it decorated so nicely with the sights and scents (love that warm spiced cider) of Christmas.

And now, I'm back home and eager to dive back into writing From A Distance. I'll have some new releases to tell you about this week as well as giveaway, so be sure and check back.

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