Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm doing really well...and, I'm not doing really well

That's exactly what one of the ministers at our church stood up and said this past Sunday. He shared a very honest insight into where he is, where he's been with the Lord, and where he wants the Lord to take him. I so identified with what he said.

As the holiday's approach and I finish From A Distance, I find myself looking forward to time that will be spent with family and friends.
I'm looking forward to playing Rook, Spades, Scrabble, Catch Phrase (a new one for me), watching The Bourne Ultimatum (my husband and I love those movies so I'm sure we'll have a "Bourne Day"), and of course watching It's a Wonderful Life and eating yummy foods.

I'm looking forward to walks on the beach (we're getting away for a few days to Hilton Head), time to read (never enough of that), and time to reflect on what I did "well" in 2007, and on the areas in my life that need major help in 2008. Hint: the first list will be much briefer than the second.

I'll be taking an inventory of what God has done in my life and reflecting on his goodness. Thanking him for things I've forgotten about, or have started to take for granted. I'm asking him to show me how I need to change. Some ways are obvious to me, others are not. I need his help to look more like Christ, however painful that process will be.

That's one of the beauties of God--that he loves us enough to chip away, chip away, chip away until he unearths the jewel that he's been creating within us, and that would not be there without his mercy and grace.

So, before I step back into 1875... If you were to ask me today, "How are you doing?" I'd have to answer, "I'm doing really well. And...I'm not doing really well."

Between now and the New Year, I'm journaling and asking God to shine a light on those areas of my life that we need to work on in 2008, as well as to remind me of our recent victories. I'll share what he shows me when the time comes...
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