Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gentle Suggestions for the Holidays

I happened across something in Patricia Hickman's blog the other day that I want to share with you. If you're grieving the loss of someone you love who's no longer with you, please stop by Patty's blog and read her recent posts.

They're so powerful and give suggestions for how to deal with that pain during this holiday season. And as you'll soon learn, Patty is well acquainted with this kind of grief.

Here's an excerpt from Patty Hickman's blog:

After the sudden loss of our daughter, we were warned by other grieving parents of the “dreaded holiday season.” Our family had always enjoyed our Christmas fanaticism, the neighborhood lights competitions, and the many annual traditions we practiced. Having had loss thrust on us suddenly, we had to reconstruct Christmas.

For the holidays, personal memorials aid your sense of loss like a healing balm. Holding a candle lighting service in honor of your loved one can be a comfort and allow you to reflect positively about the one you are missing. I wore one of Jessi’s blouses and my husband played one of her CD’s. I sprayed her favorite cologne into the air, closed my eyes, and danced in the aroma. Our youngest son and I collected miniature ornaments that we felt his sister would love. We found a miniature tree with battery operated lights. We decorated the little tree, took it to the cemetery, and gave it to our Jess for Christmas. We felt as though somehow she knew and was there with us. Just as we were leaving the cemetery, a soft winter rain let go and in the dim grayness, we could see Jess’s tree shining out. It was a reminder of the light of Christ that had always shown forth from her heart. That is the power of memory-on-purpose. Purposeful memories bring comfort.

Read that entire entry here. And her current blog posts here.

I hope you're blessed. I certainly was.
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