Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something to brighten your day

I know I've been quiet in recent days. That's because I'm currently in the San Juan Mountains, scaling the cliffs of Mesa Verde, and having a fabulous time! Oh wait...did I mention I'm there in 1875? ;)

I'm actually wrapping up From a Distance so am sequestered in my office working 16 hour days but am loving these characters and the townspeople of Timber Ridge. Believe it or not, you can already pre-order the book on Which...ahem....means I'd better get this finished!

Okay, now for the something to brighten your day:


  1. Oh, how exciting! I haven't posted on your site before, but I've been reading it since you emailed your link over in response to my "gushing" about your books. =)

    Looking forward to From A Distance!

  2. What a cutie pie! Thanks for that, and hooray for From a Distance! :)

  3. I sent your books up to my daughter and she finished it in one day. Said it was wonderful. I am looking forward to From a Distance. Everytime I stop in and see the title it has the song from Bette Midler going thru my head....

  4. daily "b" - thanks for leaving a comment, girl, and enjoyed your blog.

    flchen1 - wasn't she adorable!

    And dorothy - thanks for passing my books along. I appreciate you sharing them and love to hear that they're making the rounds!

    And regarding Bette & the song, I've called her about cutting a special CD for the release of From a Distance but she hasn't called back yet. Sigh...that Bette.... ;)


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