Friday, November 30, 2007

Being still

A friend wrote me this morning and asked me to pray for her to learn (again) to be still before the Lord and to wait to hear him. I just sat here and stared at my screen because that is exactly what I'd asked God to do in my heart yesterday. To teach me (again) to be still with him. To listen. To wait before him.

I love Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I love the holidays. But not all the time. Sometimes I hear Jingle Bells (for the 497th time) and it makes me want to run and stick my head in a vat of eggnog.

Life--not to mention this time of year--can be so hectic and demanding that I often lose the "quietness" within myself. I get snappy (imagine that...) and impatient (who knew) and can be downright rude (yep, sad but true). All because I lose my center. My focus. I'm still reading God's Word, I'm still praying, still dwelling on him, but I forget to be still.
So, if you're so inclined, I'd appreciate you praying for me to learn (again) to "be still" in Him. And to listen. I'll be praying the same for everyone who reads this.

Back this afternoon with the winners of our giveaway!

And here's a pic of Jack with our Christmas tree! The house is all decorated and lovely, though I was pretty crabby when I was stringing all those lights. I needed to be writing! See, told you I needed to learn to be still again. ;-)


  1. Tamara,
    This post spoke to me today. I just came back to re-read it, and the Lord gave me these words - I humbly share them with you and hope they are an encouragement.

    Father, God in Heaven, teach me to be still.
    Amidst life's joys and sorrows,
    May we seek to do Your will.

    Though forgiven and redeemed, we don't want to yield control.
    Clinging tightly to our own desires,
    Regardless of the toll.

    So Father, please forgive me, and loose the grip of my self-will.
    I love you, Lord and crave Your presence...
    Please teach me to be still.



  2. Well...that is going to be copied inside my Bible today. Thank you, Kim for that lovely piece. I too have a problem with "being still" especially when everything is demanding that you don't!

  3. Oh Kim...bless you for this. I'm printing it out and it's going on the side of my monitor so that as I type away toward the end of this book, I'll remember to stop and to be still before him.

    I especially love what you wrote: So Father, please forgive me, and loose the grip of my self-will.
    I love you, Lord and crave Your presence...

    A mantra for me in the last three or fours years has been that I want to be centered in the middle of God's will, no matter what that means, no matter what it costs. Not a prayer easily prayed, at least for me, but one that I strive to pray wholeheartedly.

    And to crave the Lord's presence "like a deer panting for the water" (to borrow David's words from the Psalms). Oh to have that strong of a desire on a daily basis. Minute by minute in his presence.

    Lord, teach me to love you more...and thank you for friends like these who share this earthly journey.


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