Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A friend recently passed along a YouTube link (a song) that I found so touching, so encouraging, and I hope you will too. For me, it goes to that "stillness" I was talking about before Christmas--being still before God amidst the chaos of schedules and families and meetings and appointments and all the stuff life throws at us, so that I can hear him. I haven't forgotten my pledge to share more on that subject, and will do that later this week.

God's really been working in my heart. But I tell ya, I've had to clear off my plate, find quiet moments (which are made, they don't just happen), and quiet myself before him in order to hear his voice. His plan, no doubt. I hope you're blessed by this. I was...


And if you haven't ever heard of Watermark (Christy Nockels and her husband), please look for their CDs in stores near you or online.
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