Monday, July 28, 2008

Heading home...

The retreat is over and we're all headed home. But before I hop on the plane for the long flight back to Nashville, I thought I'd share a few more pictures.

Brandilyn and her mom, Mama Ruth

Robin Lee Hatcher (background) and Brandilyn (foreground) during a session

View of the Couer d'Alene Lake

Me with Robin Lee Hatcher, we shared so much laughter this weekend. Such fun and just what I needed!

Me with Mama Ruth and Karen Ball

The entire Motley Crew :)

Mama Ruth made her famous fried chicken on Sunday night. Delicious!

"Ta da!"

One last thing! Be sure and check out Writes of Passage, a new historical author group blog that's starting today! Five historical authors (Robin Lee Hatcher, me, Tracie Peterson, Kim Vogel Sawyer and Lori Copeland) will be blogging about anything and everything. We may touch on historical tidbits (as Robin does today), or recent/upcoming events in our lives (as Tracie and I will do later this week). 


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Mama Ruth looks like a sweetheart, I love that picture of her with Brandilyn C.!

    I saw the cover of The Inheritance on's beautiful! Looking forward to reading the book!

  2. Hey Tamera! So glad you had a nice retreat. Wow--sounds fabulous: good friends, gorgeous scenery, and fried chicken(YUM!)--sounds ideal to me!! :)
    Blessings, Patti

  3. Lovely pics, Tamera :)

    I will be chatting with Karen Ball this Friday night when she is graciously getting up at a ridiculous hour to chat via conference call with my book club - woo hoo!

  4. Hey Ruth, "our" Mama Ruth is such a sweetheart, and so wise! And talk about in shape! She puts us all to shame! ;)

    And it was just the 'retreat' I needed, Patti!

    Rel, watch out for that KB. She's a handful! Be sure and ask her about our "walk" the night before we left. Oh gracious, what fun! And the really scary thing is that she has it on video and is threatening to post it on her blog. Which of course, is something she WOULD DO!! Ack!! ;)

  5. Well, well, well, Tamera! I asked the fabulous Karen about THE walk and of course, her retelling was as entertaining as one of her books! She did also hint that behind your sweet Southern Belle appearance lies a crazy woman - LOL!!! In the nicest possible way, of course :)

  6. That Karen's a nut, Rel! And SUCH fun! She can read a grocery list and make it entertaining. Taking a walk with that woman is an adventure. :)


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