Sunday, July 27, 2008

Retreating in Idaho

There's nothing like getting away with writer buddies for a long weekend of brainstorming and plotting each other's next books. What a blast! Of course, there's lots of yummy food and great fellowship and prayer time and sharing going on besides all the plotting (which is also such fun). And to do this in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, no less! What a gorgeous setting! 

As hard as it is, I'm currently hidden away in an upstairs bedroom working on rewrites for The Inheritance. They're due this next week and I need to get them finished. that end! 

But first, I want to share some pictures...

Here's the whole group wearing scarves that Robin Lee Hatcher knit for us herself. Good grief! The woman can write AND knit! Top left to right: Brandilyn Collins, Gayle DeSalles, Sharon Dunn, Janet Ulbright, Robin Lee Hatcher. Bottom left to right: Mama Ruth Seamans (Brandilyn's mom), Karen Ball, me, and Sunni Jeffers

Me in the kitchen with Brandilyn
We each take turns cooking in groups. Such fun!
(Pardon my exercise wear. We'd just returned from a walk.)

Here's Brandilyn with her "hostess gift."
Brandilyn writes suspense, so this cutlery set seemed the perfect gift for her. And you can tell how much she enjoys it. :)

Robin Lee Hatcher giving us a brief idea for her next book.
Bless her heart, she couldn't talk without her hands (of course, neither can I).

A picture of the group outside in the gazebo area where we brainstorm and meet. So pretty! And the weather's been perfect!

I'll share more pics tomorrow. Now, off to rewrite!

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