Monday, August 4, 2008

Got a Flip!

Have you heard of this little camcorder? Call the FLIPTerri Blackstock had one at a recent novelist's retreat and it was so cool! Then Robin Lee Hatcher showed up with one in Couer d'Alene recently and completely sold me on it! I tried it out with Jack (our little silky terrier) the other night, but's the setup:

We go through this ritual nearly every day of Jack playing with his "sock toy." A couple of years ago, our son came home with a little egg shaker. You know those little egg shaped "shakers" used in band class. Well, Jack went crazy over it. But of course, giving him that alone wasn't safe. Plastic with beads inside.! So...

We duct-taped the life outta that egg, then shoved it inside a sock, tied it, then doubled it and tied it again, and it became Jack's favorite toy of all time. We've been through a few eggs, and LOTS of socks, but he just enjoys it so much. 

To see just how much, watch below (and for the squeamish among us, please excuse my repeated phrase of "kill it, kill it" but that's what we say since, in reality, he IS trying to break the toy's neck, inline with a dog's basic prey instinct). :)

And just a reminder, if you haven't yet, check out the new Writes of Passage blog which features historical authors Robin Lee Hatcher, Tracie Peterson, Kim Sawyer, Lori Copeland and moi!
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