Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from my mini retreat...

And it was marvelous! Just what I needed. I got lots of writing done, but even more plotting done which--at this point in the story--is fantastic! The more I write, the more of a plotter I'm becoming. Not that I don't still have those "ah ha" moments. I do, but they're within both the plotting phase and in the writing. (The picture above is a view of St. George Lake, where the friend's house was located. So pretty.)

Before I head to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics with my husband (we recorded it since he was working late), I want to say thanks to everyone for the Bday wishes today! My day started with a Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha Skinny with Whipped and just went uphill from there. I've spent today piled on the bed writing, but I'm loving this story (Beyond This Moment) so it's been a great day!

After stopping for my latte this morning, Jack and I dropped by the post office to check the mail and a fun surprise was waiting for me. I won't mention any names but someone (sweet Patti from Georgia!) sent me a birthday care package. OF DOTS!! Three monster-size packages of DOTS!! Enough DOTS to see me home on BTM! Woo hoo! Thank you, Patti, for your kindness. Really made me smile, friend.

And thanks to everyone for the phone calls and messages, emails, ecards and notes on facebook. You guys are the best! It's been a fun day of turning 47. I'm one happy birthday girl! Oh, and please ignore Jack's backside in the pic below. He loves DOTS too so his focus was not on the camera!

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