Tuesday, February 17, 2009


That's what's printed on a bumper sticker that Lloyd Shadrach, one of our ministers, handed out following his message on 1/11/2009. Igbok stands for "it's gonna be o.k.,' and is based in the truth that, in the Bible, God repeatedly tells His followers not to worry, to trust Him, that everything--in the end--is gonna be o.k. 

Not being a real bumper-sticker-kinda-gal, I took one that morning as we left church but shoved it in my Bible and didn't think much about it--until last Friday morning when it slipped from the pages of Psalms as I ran there seeking comfort and direction, and reassurance that everything is, indeed, gonna be okay. 

As I wrote in my last post, I went down to Atlanta last week to be with my mom as she recovered from gallbladder surgery. The surgery turned out to be more invasive than they originally thought (couldn't do a laparoscopy) but she healed well throughout the week. We had such fun together, my dad included, and we took turns staying with mom at night. One of my nights fell on an American Idol evening so mom and I had an "AI Party" (complete with ice cream from Chick-fil-A) and then we washed her hair. We had such fun.

While the first of the week went well, we got some "not good" news Thursday night before she was released. Mom's gallbladder was malignant, and the doctor says they have every reason to believe it's spread to her liver. It's likely in her abdominal cavity too. Even typing this now it still doesn't quite seem real yet. 

The surgeon came in to see mom and dad Thursday night around 7:30 (before she was released) and said he was shocked, that they didn't suspect this at all. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say that we're waiting to see what the next steps will be, and where God is leading.

How quickly things change. I helped mom get ready for bed the last night I was there and I told her that I honestly believe she'll beat this. Then she and dad and I talked about how we want whatever God wants. And I do. I just also want my mom here for a while longer. I'm not ready to let her go. Yet I'm finding comfort in knowing God's walking this road with us and that He knows what lies ahead. He'll give us strength for whatever that is. 

In brief, igbok.

On Friday morning I took mom to get her hair done (thanks Vicki and all at Arden Salon in Cumming for how you ministered to us while we were there). If she's going to have cancer then you'd better believe she's going to look good (mom's sentiment). A true Southern belle. I'm back in Nashville now. Came back late Saturday afternoon, and will return to Atlanta in coming days after we know more. I appreciate your prayers for healing for my mom and strength in days ahead for the family.

If you have a moment, download the MP3 of Lloyd's lesson 1/11/2009 and listen to it as you're walking or running errands. It will bless you, I promise. God uses our present pain for our eternal good and for His eternal glory. I believe that. No matter what comes, I hold to that. And to Him.

P.S. As soon as that bumper sticker fell from the pages of my Bible, I ran outside and slapped it on the back of my vehicle. Turns out, I am a bumper stick kind of gal after all! 

And a fun thing--as I was driving around Nashville yesterday, I saw another "igbok" car, and felt a heavenly hug.
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