Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Civil War Era Clothing

I posted more pictures today over at Writes of Passage too, so be sure and click over there and take a peek.

Here's a continuation of the pictures I posted from this past weekend. And thanks again to Phillip and Janine Whiteman (PNJW Collections) for loaning their display to the Belmont Mansion, and for allowing me to take pictures.

Man's Velvet Vest (beautiful mauve and gray color)

Woman's Corset (click to read the detail on the card)

Women's Wrappers (worn at home and even as they were receiving "familiar" guests)

Girl's Bonnet

Men's Stock Tie (with spring collar to be adjustable)

(Phillip, one of the owners, demonstrates how the men's stock tie springs open)

Woman's parasol (with beautiful iridescent material on the inside)

Women's Undersleeves

Men's Embroidered Slippers

It's wonderful to be able to see clothing like this up close and personal as I'm writing stories set in this era. Plus Polly, my college roommate, and I had some great girl time! And ate at McDougal's. Yum! But so much for that corset...


  1. Loved those pictures. I must go to there. The items looked to be in very good condition and all those petticoats. I am glad I don't have to wear a slip everyday, what would they think of today's dressings?

  2. They would cringe at what we wear today, Kathy. Especially at what I have on right now! Exercise pants and a t-shirt. Not exactly acceptable fashion. But comfy!

  3. Today would be the so different clothes are wearing that look like different.Not exact fashion.

  4. Wow! The more pics you post, the more I wish could attend something like that. The variety they have looks amazing! Charleston is greedy when it comes to historical clothing :(


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