Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LifeWay Friends

Thanks to everyone who stopped by LifeWay on Saturday. We had a great time, and I had a blast visiting and chatting with you all.

I signed with authors and good friends Kaye Dacus and Nancy Rue (pictured here)

Me with Bonnie (I'm hugging her), and her sisters Venetia and Roz (I first met these lovely gals at a Fayetteville, TN signing a couple years back). Thanks, sweet sisters, for taking the time to reconnect again. I loved seeing you, and am certain our mothers are visiting in heaven.

Betty and Sherri, two dear lifelong friends from Atlanta who now live in Nashville.

Sweet friend Gayle DeSalles 

Friends Ruth and Esther (and to the back left, you can see Nancy Rue's motorcycle that she and her husband rode to the signing)

The adorable and oh-so-talented Rachel McRae (one of LifeWay's book buyers, and blogger extraordinaire. Check her blog out here.)

Rachel and author Nancy Rue (such fun gals!) 

Rachel, Nancy and Gayle

Me with LifeWay pals Donna and Kayleen

Thanks, LifeWay at CoolSprings in Franklin, TN for hosting us!

I posted today over at Writes of Passage. Come and join us.


  1. Tamera - This is Ruth, not Beth (LOL!). :) It was so good to see you again Saturday and reconnect for a moment! Thank you for signing a copy of Within My Heart to me - much appreciated! Looking forward to hearing more about your next series... :)

  2. Oh Ruth! Sorry! I knew that! I'm just posting too quickly and trying to play hostess to company, throwing cheese and sausage balls together and making coffee, etc... Mea Culpa, lady!

  3. Love your profile pic, btw. Classy!

  4. Tamera, no need to apologize or anything, being a Beth for a moment gave me a chuckle. :) Sausage balls sound yummy right about now, let me tell you! And glad you like the profile pic, I always figure a person can't go wrong with classic Hollywood. :)

  5. No pics of the three of you authors, huh?! Love your glamorous 'do! You always look so pretty.

    Glad the book-signing was last weekend, since my girl tells me (from Nancy Rue's teen blog) that Nancy--or rather, Nancy's dog--broke her (Nancy's) nose Sunday!

  6. Hey Linda! I had to go back and look but the first picture listed is of me and Kaye and Nancy (the three of us). They're such fun women. But you're kidding on Nancy!! I had no clue that happened. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. And LOL, Linda, at your "glamorous do" comment. Thanks, friend. I've FINALLY grown my hair out again where I can wear it up. It's so easy to fix this way and comes in handy on the wonderfully-Southern-and-oh-so-slightly-humid days we enjoy quite often here. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing Tamera! Love the pictures. :) Hope I can meet you myself someday. :)


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