Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Smoky Mountain Getaway

Ever wonder why they're called the Smoky Mountains? The Smokies are named for the blue-gray mist that oftentimes hovers around the peaks and valleys. The Cherokee called the mountains shaconage or "place of the blue smoke."

And the Smokies are where my family and I have spent the past few days. We're packing up this morning, as we speak, and are headed back to Nashville. The idea for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park had its seed back in 1890, but people were in disagreement about whether it should be a national park or national forest. The history of how this park came to be established is interesting and worth reading.

While here, we hiked, played cards, laughed a ton, watched movies, ate some great food, played more cards, hiked again, etc... And just had a fabulous time. Here are some pics of us at Cades Cove at the historical Methodist Church within the park.

As touted by local historians, Cades Cove was once known as "Kates Cove" after an Indian chief's wife. The Cove drew the Cherokee Nation back again and again by its abundant wildlife and good hunting. Later, in the early 1800s, Cades Cove's wildlife drew European descent frontiersman to make it their home. For more history on Cades Cove history, click here

Here are some vistas of Cades Cove…

And here are some vistas of the Triple Mini Dessert we had at Tony Romas, which um...weren't so mini after all.

Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Delectable Red Velvet Cake with warm Cream Cheese Frosting

Warm Apple Tore with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Next, we enjoyed the touristy––but also very interesting––tour of the Titanic. If you've ever been through the museum, you'll understand this, but all of my family "survived." Explanation...at the beginning of the tour, each member of your party is given a card telling about a passenger on the Titantic, then at the end of the tour you find out whether your individual actually lived, or died.  All of ours lived (and my person, Mary Hewlett, was an empty nester and the oldest passenger to survive in Second Class, rather apropos). But the family behind us...all of their people had died. : (

Lastly, here are some quick vistas from around our cabin… Gorgeous!

And here are some views from a hike to Abrams Falls, an easy 5-mile trek up to a waterfall. Lovely. I love path pictures so couldn't resist a "before and behind" shutter shot while on the trail.

Now back to reality. And to sweet Jack! Oh I've missed that little guy... Copy edits for A Lasting Impression should be on my doorstep sometime soon. One of the last times I'll see this book before it goes to press. Hallelujah! Meanwhile, I've started my next.

So, where did you travel (or are you traveling) this summer? Do share...
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