Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So far, 50 is fabulous!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet bday wishes over on Facebook yesterday. I had a wonderful day. Went to see the movie Crazy, Stupid Love, which I enjoyed. [No spoilers coming, I promise.] So many parts of the movie had me laughing out loud, then others tearing up, then others, admittedly, shaking my head at what Hollywood considers humorous or promotes as acceptable behavior. But all in all, I found Crazy, Stupid Love enjoyable. And it had a great ending. That's all I'll say. No spoilers, as promised...
Seeing that movie got me to thinking about all the different kinds of love we experience in this life. And the different stages of love too. As many of you know, my precious mom went home to be with the Lord in August 2009 from gallbladder cancer. Her passing left a gaping hole in our lives and an especially huge hole (understatement) in my Dad's heart. He adored Mom, and she did him, for 55+ years. They were each other's best friends, and far more.

This past spring we encouraged Dad to attend his 60th high school reunion. He did, and long story short…several weeks later, through the encouragement of a sibling of a former childhood friend, he reconnected with that "childhood friend," and a seed of love was planted, and began to grow. Dad and Esta––a dear woman he grew up with in  Fayetteville, TN, and hadn't seen since high school––are to be married later this month. And my older brother, Doug, and I, and our families, couldn't be happier for them.

Dad and Esta visited us in Nashville recently. 
Don't they look happy!

Esta lost her husband, Merle, thirty-six years ago and then raised their children by herself. She was a nurse for forty-one years and also endured breast cancer in her late forties. She lost a daughter and sister to breast cancer in recent years as well, and yet is the most joy-filled woman. Her love for the Lord (and my dad) just radiate. We've really enjoyed getting to know her and welcoming her to our family. Thank you for your prayers for my family and for my Dad. They've made such a difference!

And now, switching gears back to movies... 

Through the power of Fandango (I don't care for their paper bag ads but love the service they provide, LOL), I've got a ticket for the first showing of the The Help on Wednesday. What a fabulous book (and audio book!), and I can hardly wait to see it on the screen. Wish we could all have a Girl's Day Out and go see it together.

Have you heard the soundtrack for the movie yet? And the original song written for the movie? Listen to The Living Proof and the story behind it. Beautiful arrangement and lyrics.

Now off for some iced coffee and to finish the discussion questions for A Lasting Impression. Oh…it's so wonderful to be at this stage with another book. My publisher will be asking for advance readers for ALI soon. I'll be sure and get you the info if you're interested.
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