Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A glimpse at A Lasting Impression

October is almost here and that means it's almost time for A Lasting Impression to hit the shelves. It's also time to share the first two chapters from this novel. A Lasting Impression was over two years in the "research and writing," but what a journey it was.

This story––set against the backdrop of Nashville's Belmont Mansion (pictured below in the 1860s, and now present day)––is packed with "real life" Southern history, and I hope you enjoy it!

“Tamera Alexander paints vivid scenes, not with oils on canvas but with words on the page, as she sweeps us away to the cafes of New Orleans and the hills of Tennessee. In Claire Laurent we find a true artist, ever doubting her talents, ever questioning her calling. And in Sutton Monroe we meet a hero whose bright mind is eclipsed only by his tender heart. A lovely story, sure to please anyone who treasures a good romance.”
Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night

"A Lasting Impression is a wonderful start to a new series. With writing that is rich and textured, Ms. Alexander paints a portrait of Belmont and Nashville after the Civil War that will pull you in and almost make you believe that you are living there yourself."
Robin Lee Hatcher, best-selling author of Belonging

Belmont Mansion circa 1860s

Belmont Mansion circa 2011
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