Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home from ACFW in St. Louis

Oh what a fun time we had. Here are just a few pics from the conference. You can see lots more on Facebook. And Tracie Peterson, brava, lady! Wonderful job keynoting for the conference.

Some of the author from Writes of Passage 
(me, Tracie Peterson, Judy Miller, and Kim Vogel Sawyer)
Robin and Cathy, we missed you both! 
(Doesn't Judy clean up nice?)

Ms. Kim Sawyer and I were tired of getting our pictures taken....

Laughing with Liz Curtis Higgs. But really, what else do you do 
around this woman? Her joy is contagious! 

Hanging with Judy Miller and Patti Jo Moore. Love these ladies.

Judy tried her best to steal this picture, thinking it went well with her jacket and purse. But we managed to keep her in line. Not easy...

Giggling with Dianne Burnett of CBD.com. She is hysterical! Love her.

There are soooo many glimpses of the conference and some really fun moments on facebook, when you have a minute.

I picked up some books at the conference and one of them can be yours! 

As good as it was to go to ACFW, it's fabulous to be home and back in the swing of things, and writing on this next book. Blessings, friends...


  1. You are just as wonderful in person as you are online, so thankful I could meet you!!

  2. Wow, what a treat and amazing surprise to see a ping back on my blog's control panel from your site! This is going to sound crazy, and you may not believe it, but earlier tonight I downloaded "Within My Heart" to my kindle! When I saw I had been linked to on this site I mosied on over to check it out and "meet" you and lo and behold you wrote the book I just bought!

    God likes to orchestrate neat things like that, doesn't He?

    So glad you're enjoying the Cold Brew Coffee and thank you for reading Southern Plate! I'm reading Tamera Alexander now!
    Phil 1:12

  3. So thankful we met too, Casey! You're such an encouragement! Hope our paths cross again soon.

    And Christy, what a treat for me too! The Southern Plate Queen herself! Love your site, lady! And love how God orchestrates things like this. He gives the best gifts. Hope you enjoy Within My Heart!


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