Monday, October 10, 2011

My shoes...could be yours

How tall is TOO tall? THAT was the question I should have asked myself when buying this oh-so-lovely pair of Nine West shoes on-line a couple of months ago.

Aren't they pretty? So girly. I love them! I first saw them on Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, and she looked so cute! See? 

Adore The Pioneer Woman website. If you haven't 
checked it out yet, treat yourself!

I read her post on her blog that day, looked closer at her shoes and thought, "I could so wear those!" The moment overtook me, I became drunk on shoe envy, and rapturous infatuation swept me away. I purchased those sandals faster than you can say "But how tall are the shoes with the platforms?" (Tsk, tsk, minor details)

And then...they arrived! 

I opened the box. I looked at the shoes. They spoke to me. I tried them on. Perfect fit! I was in love. Then I tried to walk. Wow. I was tall. I mean really tall. I'm guessing I'm nearly 7'9'' in these shoes. Okay, not for real, but you know what I mean. I no longer need a step ladder to change the recessed lighting in the kitchen. 

Anyway, long story made longer, I've decided that as pretty as these shoes are, they're just a tad too tall for me. But the 30-day return policy has expired so I can't send them back, and that's where "Want a pair of Nine west shoes?" comes in. 

I'd love to send these shoes to someone who will give them a good home. My treat (and it needs to be a U.S. mailing address, sorry international friends). But you need to have a "sturdy" foot (like I do). The shoes are size 9 1/2, and they're pretty much true to size. So if this strikes your fancy, leave a comment on this post saying you're interested in having the shoes and I'll draw a name next Saturday (October 15th in celebration of the release of A Lasting Impression) and I'll get them shipped out to you. 

The only agreement the winner needs to make is to send me a pic of those shoes on their pretty feet! : )

And to see where I am this week––and to see some pics––visit writespassage!


And the winner is...bekahjane

Bekahjane, if you'll contact me through my CONTACT PAGE on my website, and send me your address, we'll mail your new shoes. Congrats, friend! 

And remember, we want to see YOUR feet in these shoes! : )


  1. Only 7'9"? LOL

    Would love it if my size 8 feet could miraculously fit into a 9 1/2, but alas.... They're gorgeous, though, and someone is sure to enjoy them!

  2. I wear 9 1/2! I'm a huge fan! I would totally feel 7'9" in those shoes. I'm 5'10" almost 5'11".

    Can't wait for the new book!

  3. Oh man! CUTE! I'd have to save them for next summer, but oh well!

    I'm typically closer to a 9, but have a wide foot so I have to go up a size...put my name into the drawing!

  4. What a fun post! Love the shoes! Too bad I wear a I can't imagine being pregnant and trying to wear them. : ) It would take a special kind of coordination to pull that off! I love the PW, too. Doesn't she seem so "real"? I think everyone wants to be her BFF. I started watching her Food Network show she did and got not only my parents hooked, but today my Sophie girl said, "Mom, I want to watch The Pioneer Woman." lol God bless~Stacey

  5. I love those shoes! Wish I wore a size nine. Those would surely make me tall! I only wear high heels because I'm so short. I've shocked people when I take my shoes off and they suddenly realize how short I am. Goodness, I do love those shoes!

  6. oh cute! I wear a 9 1/2 too! looks like lots of fun to wear! can not wait for your next book! WOO HOO!

  7. Well... since I've had my babies I'm a 9 1/2 now! Used to be a 9... ah well, my hips aren't the only thing that hasn't shrunk back :)

    Those are gorgeous shoes and would be so fun! Can't wait to read your new book too!

  8. Those shoes are adorable, I would love them!! I promise to give them a good home! ;-) So looking forward to A Lasting Impression, already pre-ordered it! :)

  9. Oh I would be a great home to the shoes. I am a perfect 9-1/2. :) pick me please.

  10. I used to be 5'4-1/2" and now am 5'2" ~ still have my eyes of blue tho'!
    I would love to try on these shoes!
    Hurray, today's the day of the drawing for them!

  11. Just drew a name and it's....


    Bekahjane, if you'll contact me through my CONTACT PAGE on my website, and get me your address, we'll mail your new shoes this week!! Congrats, friend!

    And remember, we want to see YOUR feet in these shoes! : )


  12. Thank you!!! I got my shoes from you today-- they are gorgeous!!! Pictures on my FB page and son to be up on my blog... Love love love

  13. Oh yay!! Aren't they pretty! But please, be careful! LOL! Would love to have a pic if you want to send me one at tameraalexander"at"! ;) I'll post it back on this blog. Can't wait!!


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