Saturday, November 5, 2011

German book video for REKINDLED

My husband found this video today and forwarded it to me. It's the German book video for Rekindled, which has been translated into German (and Dutch and Turkish!). Cool... The German cover is pictured to the left, and they translated the title to be "The Return of the Stranger." Love it!

And FYI, if you haven't read Rekindled yet, the ebook is available right now for $1.99 (!) on Amazon. Just think…15 months of my life for $1.99 (ROFLOL).

Hope you enjoy the video... I have no idea what it says but it sounds and looks pretty!


  1. Cool! I just posted it to the FB wall of the exchange student from Germany who lived with us last year!

  2. Wow Tammy! That is so awesome that folks across the world are reading your marvelous book! You just never know how many lives your words are touching.*smile*
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. I am so excited to be able to share your book with my German friends. Here is my translation of the video:
    1. In good times as in bad times.
    2. Kathryn Jennings holds firm to this vow.
    3. But then after a stormy night, her husband Larson doesn't come home.
    4. Month after month she fights alone to keep her ranch.
    5. She would do anything to turn the time back.
    6. She has no idea that God has already given her a second chance.

    Blessings, Susan

  4. Thanks for translating, Susan, (cool to know!) and for sharing with your friends there.

    Patti Jo, you're a blessing, as always. Even if you do love cats. ; )

  5. That is SO cool! Love they way they used your author photo! Yay Joe! : )


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