Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baking Challenge, Part II

I'm just back from seeing WICKED in Nashville with my family. Oh. SO. GOOD! Loved it again for the second time. What creativity, humor, and the music... Sigh. Fabulous!

Before I head to bed though...

If you didn't see Angie Hunt's "response" to my baking challenge earlier today, take a peek at her Tuxedo Cake . . . 

Oh. My! Looks delicious! And sooo elegant. But really now, how does it taste? Can something THAT pretty really taste as good as a Southern baked Creamy Praline Pecan Pie? Hmmm....  : )

Not to be outdone, I'm picking up the baking gauntlet––or mitten––and throwin' it down again, so tomorrow I'll post on Facebook what I'll be baking this weekend. So get ready, Angie!

And now with the song For Good from WICKED still running through my mind, I'm off to bed.

Sweet dreams, and "Toss, toss!"

: )
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