Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I can't believe these are gluten-free!

Welcome to Round 3 of the Great Bake-off Challenge with Angie Hunt! We're having a blast with this, and as I told you yesterday, we're honoring our pal and author Terri Blackstock and all the rest of you who can't (or either choose not to) eat wheat flour.

After much cookbook searching and internet browsing, I came upon an UNbelievable recipe for gluten-free brownies. I'm not kidding. These are to die for. I'd happily serve these for dessert anytime! I still can't believe they taste this good.

I'll give you the link for the recipe below, but here are some quick pics of the process for me. And yes! That's a yellow Tupperware container that I've had since before I was married. Tupperware never dies. It just goes out of style.

First, the ingredients (and I've got a question for y'all on this below)

I've never bought Coconut Oil before so this was new for me, 
as was the Hazelnut Meal/Flour* and the Brown Rice Flour.
(*The original recipe I share below called for almond flour, 
but the store I visited was out of that, so I got hazelnut instead, and I'm glad I did!) 

This is when I had the first whiff of delicious! And to this point, I'd only invested about 6 minutes of "prep time." Which just increases my like factor.

I added walnuts to mine and mixed them in by hand.

Then I dotted the top with carob chips I'd gotten at Whole Foods the other day. Love those. Like little bites of heaven. Especially when frozen. 
Then I slipped the pan into the oven for about 30 minutes...

Out they came...

And they lifted out of the foil-lined pan so easily. Clean up was a breeze!
These are truly fabulous brownies. No one would ever know they're gluten-free if you didn't tell them. I know I wouldn't, and I'm a brownie lover from way back. The crispy corner pieces are my favs. 

And to give credit where credit is FULLY due... Thank you to Karina, the gluten-free goddess, for her over-the-moon recipe for Dark Chocolate Gluten-Free Brownies. Karina, my taste buds salute you, lady. And so does my schedule. Prep time on these is 7-10 minutes, then only 30 minutes to bake. Lovin' that! If you eat gluten-free, check out her blog.

Meanwhile, Master Baker Angie has been crafting French Macarons! I first tasted these on a trip with Kelsey to NYC this summer and they were delicious! Can't wait to see Angie's! I'll post pics of her lovely creations later today, and you can always visit her at the Lovin' Oven Bakery.

Lastly, two things I'm wondering:
1) Do y'all have a neat solution for keeping spices organized that you've tried and liked (other than the old Lazy Susans)?
2) And are you the kind of baker who a) gets all the ingredients out before she starts to bake, or b) do you just grab it as you go?

Waiting to hear from you,

P.S. Tick, tick, tick! Register before noon (PST) today for a chance to win a Kindle FIRE. Then join me tonight at 5PM (PST) for a lavish Southern-style Facebook Party. Should be lots of fun! Hope to see you there.

I just hope I don't get banned from commenting again, LINDA RIVERS ATTAWAY!   : {


  1. Yum, these look good, girl! My tastebuds are watering. :-)

    And I'm pretty much a grab and go girl. I do keep my pantry door open when I'm baking, because a lot of what I need is on the shelves that line the interior of the door (those wire shelves you can get at any home improvement store). Plus, once Babe parks herself in front of the door, there's just no closing it until the baking is done. LOL!

    Lovin' this bake-off. If I finish my word quota today, I may have to go back into the kitchen to bake some more . . .

  2. Getting such a kick out of your bake-off and hope you both gain 10 pounds in the process! LOL!

    Hey, Tam, if you are a fan of crispy corner pieces, have you tried the Bakers Edge pan?? http://www.bakersedge.com/anim/flash.html

    Ken loves the corner pieces so I got him this pan for Christmas one year. It was a hit!

  3. These look so good. I'm passing this recipe on to our children's minister. And I love the edge pieces to.

    I keep my spices in a rectangular wire basket in alphabetical order. Rectangular takes up less room than the circular Lazy Susan and I'm one of those weird organizational types.

    And yeah, I usually get everything out at once. See comment above.

    Darling picture with the duct tape. What a clever friend you have! Smirk.

  4. Just commented on your Lovin' Oven Bakery on the macarons, Angie. Gorgeous! They're so delicate and pretty. And this was your first time to make them? You're amazing!

    Shame on you, Deb! I'm trying to lose weight you and know it! ; ) And yes, I got that pan about three years ago when you first mentioned it. But alas, I can't find it since we moved. It's somewhere. Meanwhile, sigh... I'll just have to eat around the edges, I guess.

    And Linda, I'll smirk you in a minute! ;) Love the wire basket idea. These old Lazy Susans are drivin' me nuts.

  5. I want some!! Those look amazing!! I love adding some peanut butter whipped with powder sugar onto the top of my gluten free brownies... Amazing! :) I can't wait till tonight!!

  6. These DO look yummy! I'm definitely going to forward this post on to my friend who has to eat gluten free. I think she would really like these! My only problem would be what to do with the gluten free ingredients once I made these. I guess I'd just have to keep making brownies until it was all gone : ).

    I'm terrible at storing spices. I have mine in a shoe box in the pantry : ). But I'm sure Pinterest would have some fabulous ideas for that. I think I've seen some already. I've already learned some great tips for organizing on there!

    I'm definitely a get everything out first girl. I like it all there...to me it makes the process faster. Then while everything is baking I put it all away and clean up. I LOVE your tupperware : ). Brings back memories! My mom had that same one!! When I got married a lady let me choose some tupperware as a gift and I got the flour, sugar, etc. containers! They're a little different now (with great see-through windows on each one to tell what's in there), but still great!

    Hope you have a great day! :) Stacey

  7. Tammy, that looks so delish!
    You and Angie would blow anyone's hope for dieting with all that inticing food dishes! LOL! I get all my ingredients all out first before baking.
    Banned from commenting? That's not nice! Linda at least color coordinated with your jacket--jk :)

    Did Angie make you one of her lovely aprons for you? BTW, I just love Terri Blackstock!

  8. Angie makes aprons too? Is there anything that woman does NOT do?! She's amazing!

    Love the peanut with whipped powdered sugar on top of the brownies comment, Sarah! LOL!


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