Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Christmas passed

Morning friends! Can you believe it? Another Christmas come and gone...

I'm up before the sun, the house is quiet, and I'm jumping into writing, but I want to wish you a happy start to your week. I hope your Christmas was a warm time with family and friends, and that you're ready for the the New Year––that's going to be here in a blink! More about 2012 later this week, but for now, here are some glimpses from Christmas at our house, and then a cute video to give you a grin as you start the last week of 2011!

Our "family" gift this year––Columbia jackets. So comfy!

We really enjoyed having Joe's dad, Fred, with us this year too.

And the traditional "piggy back" pic of our kids, who I love so much.

And of course, pics of our desserts. My Mom's Coconut Cake. Delicious!

And the Praline Pecan Pie that I first shared here. Fabulous! (And is the breakfast of champions!)

And finally, the video. It's called the Ultimate Dog Tease. If you haven't seen it yet, it's really cute. Enjoy!

Blessings on your week!


  1. Very cute video! And yes, the day after Christmas is always a bit strange to me. I never know quite what to do with all the emotional highs and lows from the previous days. We just have to keep everything in perspective!

  2. Love the pics! Oh, that pie! :-)

    Merry Day After Christmas!

    The video is pretty funny, even to a non-dog-lover like me! LOL

  3. So true, Jan. But mostly, I'm "relieved" this year. I had a wonderful time, loved all the baking, being with everyone, the decorations, but I'm antsy to begin a new year. To a fresh start. And to finishing this next first draft! First drafts are always painful for me. I love the rewrites!

    Thanks, Linda, and I didn't know you were a non-dog lover! Wow...and we get along so well. Who knew!

  4. So glad you all had a very nice Christmas, sweet Tammy---loved the pics! Your kiddos are so precious, and I know you feel so blessed. Enjoy your week, and continued prayers for your writing to flow smoothly.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  5. We've been at my parent's house the whole week before Christmas...and had a great time! We have made it back to our house this evening. I think it hasn't quite sunk in that Christmas has passed...especially since our little girl has been sick since Chrstmas morning : ( we may just keep celebrating this week, too. Glad you had a great Christmas! Blessings~Stacey

  6. Dearest Tammy, what beautiful photos, you all look so happy, it is so wonderful you had a great day, best to you all,
    And the desserts sound sooo good, I love coconut pie and I bet the cake is yummy, maybe sometime you could share the recipe.
    Have a wonderful day and God bless you all, hugs and prayers always, M

  7. Patti Jo, I hope you're recouping from all the wedding planning. Your pictures are so lovely. And lady, you DO look good in red! ;)

    Stacey, hope your sweet girl is back to full health.

    Marti, sending you hugs, friend! We share a sweet tooth, don't we? : )


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