Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner Party Time

I love hosting dinner parties, and we held a fun one last night!

My dad, Doug, and his sweet wife Esta arrived yesterday afternoon for a belated Christmas celebration, and we gathered family and friends so they could meet Esta, and so she could meet them. And we had a blast!

Here are some glimpses from the evening. Oh! And I'll go ahead and confess...I took NO pics of the food. I'm fallin' down on the job, I know. Guess I was too busy getting it all together. We had lasagna with all the fixings. Delish!

I'm not great at creating centerpieces. I usually just run around grabbing stuff from other rooms in the house until I have something that I think works. At least somewhat.

My fun buddy Gayle, sweet daughter Kelsey, and wonderful SIL Denise

Me and Esta (she and Dad are sooo happy together, which is wonderful to see)

Love seeing Dad so happy again. What a blessing!

We laughed just a little bit. : )

Then opened presents, with Jack "helping"

Our kids (Kelsey and Kurt) along with Dad and Esta

Some of the guys were MIA during picture taking time due to a certain football game with Baylor playing, so we'll have to nab their pics next time. 

And now for a funny (but useful) app that Kelsey introduced me to this weekend. It's called RunPee (LOL)! Have you heard of it before? I hadn't. Here's the gist (as taken from iTunes):

"The app tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing anything important. Besides that, it lets you know if there is anything extra after the end credits and even gives you a synopsis of the first 5 minutes of a movie in case you're running late. The built in timer helps you see how the peetimes are spaced in the movie and quickly get a reading on how long you have to wait until the next peetime. The best part is that the timer will vibrate your phone before each peetime. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie."

ROFLOL. I got so tickled. But really, the app proved useful during War Horse this past weekend, and it's free! So head over to iTunes and grab it (so you'll know when to pee).

Now tell me, what's a favorite app of yours?


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