Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year (well almost)

I'm home making potato soup for all my sick boys tonight. Joe fell victim to it first. A nasty cold/flu bug. He's been battling it since before Christmas. Then Fred (his dad) took it Thursday, and now Kurt today. Bless them…

I think they'll all be down with their meds and hot teas by 10PM at which time I'm planning on crawling into bed and continue writing toward "The End" on another first draft, then watch a Friday Night Lights (if I'm still conscious), and finally, read Psalm 139 before closing my eyes and calling it a year.

I pray that 2012 is a fabulous year for you. That God will guide your steps (and that you'll listen to him as he does, same for me), that he'll guard your families, keep you safe and healthy. But more than anything, I pray you'll be centered in the middle of his will for you, no matter what that is. Because there's no better place to be.

So grateful we're sharing this blink of eternity before "the best that's yet to come."



  1. I'm so sorry to hear all three of your guys are sick. I'm lying here in bed (at 4:30 am) next to my husband researching clinics in Texas that give sinus cocktail shots on New Years Day. My poor guy has been sick the majority of the time we've been here...and wouldn't you know he looked like he was getting over it on Friday, when I told him we'd go to the doctor if he wasn't better. Yeah, Friday was better...but now it's full-blown. We're trying to get him well by the time we make our 14 hour drive home on Monday...

    Hope your men feel better soon!! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Tammy to you and your family. Bruno (dog) and I made it into the new year barely awake. I was sitting in the wing back chair willing myself to stay awake...when I heard "Happy New year" from someone on TV. I opened one eye to look, then fell back to sleep! lol
    Hope your guys are feeling better, the potato soup will help (my favorite)

  3. Veronica, you did better than we did. The only reason we woke up was because the neighbors were shooting off fireworks. But we had already been asleep for a good couple hours!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year! :-)

  4. Happy New Year! We rang in the New Year with Doritos and sparkling red grape juice! : ) I'm always up that late, so it was no problem to stay up and watch the ball drop.
    My little man isn't feeling that great, either. His cough has flaired back up again but I'm hoping the antibiotics he's on will help. Hope your guys get better soon!
    May the Lord bless you and your ministry through writing in 2012. I'm looking forward to seeing how He's going to work in my life this year as well.
    God bless,

  5. Don't know how I missed this. I hope everyone is feeling better and that no one shared it with you! Happy New Year, Tammy!


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