Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head! : )

Hope everyone's enjoying a great start to their week and that you're ready for a very Merry Christmas. But ready or not, here it comes, huh? 

I just finished wrapping some last minute gifts and tucked them under the tree so, in that regard, I'm almost ready. More than anything though, I'm looking forward to the Christmas Eve service on Saturday and to sitting with other believers and adoring a Savior who loves us enough to have taken on our fleshly, fragile form and live among us. God with us. Emmanuel.

I've been thinking a lot about Elizabeth (from Luke 1) and her part in the coming of Christ. I posted about her on Friday, if you'd like to read those thoughts.

We attended a family wedding this weekend in Kennett, Missouri (where my husband's sister, Beverly Burcham, lives with her sweet family), and we got my niece, Brook Burcham, and her handsome fiancee, Jeremy Hughes, married in a beautiful ceremony with a fabulous reception afterward. Truly was a great family time.

Here's a glimpse of Brook and Jeremy at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. So in love!

Pretty happy lookin' couple! And get this: they've known each other since they were around eight years old, and have been "together" for over ten years (liking each other and then eventually dating). So cool!

I wrote in the car on the way there and then back again, and even stayed in the hotel room on Saturday night and managed to get a few more pages in then too. this story and am eager to share it with you, which will be next fall.  It's great because I actually know more about this story (as I'm writing it) than I've ever known about a story I'm writing before. And it's a good thing because there's lots to keep up with!

Before I duck back to Nashville 1866 again, I'll share some quick glimpses of Christmas around the Alexander home...

I know, I know... But the lions near our front door get ornery 
if you don't dress them up 
(Naila, this one's for you, babe, in memory of Colorado days)

Sweet blessings on your week and remember to take time to breathe and enjoy the time with family and friends. Who really cares if the house is perfectly neat or if that cake comes out "Southern Living worthy." The most important thing is being with family and friends and treasuring those moments, and lifting up our Emmanuel. God with us.



  1. I was just telling someone today who asked me if I had everything ready for Christmas that I was just so happy to spend time with family this Christmas! Time together is such a precious gift! Even more precious is emphasizing to my children, especially my oldest, that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because it's Jesus' birthday. I've been playing Michael W. Smith's "Emmanuel" and my girl has really gotten into it. The other day she said, "Mom, could you play that Jesus song?" (I told her the song was about names we call Jesus) So good. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!! Your house looks great : )! God bless~Stacey

  2. I want to spend Christmas at your house! Love the decorations!

    And I can't wait to read the book you're writing!!

  3. Your decorations are beautiful....thanks for sharing!
    Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas.

  4. I've looked at your pics a couple times now, and JUST realized the snowman was popping out of a bucket...I LOVE IT! Has Jack figured out yet that there's a present in his stocking? Love the beautiful and so beautifully decorated!

  5. Thanks, gals! Stacey, at your recommendation, I ran to listen to Emmanuel. Beautiful! thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas, friends. I say this often but it's glad we're on this journey together. Makes all the difference.

  6. Thanks for sharing the fun tour of your home all beautiful for Christmas! I also loved the pic of your grown up one in love. My greatest prayer for my four daughters is that they would find godly men who would love and treasure them.

  7. Love that prayer, Shannon, and I share it for my kids too. In God's timing, and at his leading. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Hi Tammy! You have such a pretty home to decorate. Thanks for sharing your pictures. So pretty! And I cannot wait to try your cake recipe! Yum!

  9. Tamera....such a sweet note about Brook and glad you and your family could be a part of this wonderful celebration of love...Enjoyed visiting with you...hope to cross paths again Kim Hughes:)

  10. Blessings in this New Year to you all, and Kim, thanks for such a loving evening at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Such fun and so delicious!


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