Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making beautiful music together

Quick! Can you tell me the 25 most played songs on your iPod or MP3 player? Here are mine...

Do we have any in common?

While I listen to a ton of music, the most played songs (as you can see) are instrumentals, and that's because I often write to music. But I cannot write to music that has words. Messes me up big time.

If you have a favorite instrumental album, I'd love to know! I like to change things up on occasion, and appreciate personal recommendations.

My sweet-but-mostly-snarky daughter, Kelsey, turned 25 last week. And in honor of her birthday––and to embarrass her, of course––I posted some pics of her "through the years" on FB. But here are a few I haven't shared yet... 

I surprised her at work with a little something from Edible Arrangements. 
Oh. My. Goodness! Fruit and chocolate. What's not to love!

Strawberries, apples, and bananas wrapped in chocolate bliss!

So pretty. So delicious!

The bananas were the best! Who knew...
Makes me want one right now!

Please send those instrumental recommendations my way, if you have any. I'm in major writing mode and could use some fresh listening fodder. And some chocolate-dipped bananas. But, I digress…

Much love, friends,

P.S. And the latest from the Jack Cam!


  1. I love your list because I enjoy writing to movie scores as well! Two of my favorites are on your list: Little Women and Sense and Sensibility. I've been wanting The King's Speech. Some I am loving right now are the soundtracks from Downton Abbey, John Adams, and Amazing Grace and War Horse.

  2. I love Ashokan Farewell from The Civil War Soundtrack (I've never downloaded the whole soundtrack - too cheap! LOL) and also the theme from Schlinder's List. I HAVE downloaded whole albums of piano music - that is my very favorite. I love Anthony Burger. And Dino's All Creation Sings is so soothing - got me through both labor & deliveries, surgery, and any time I'm sick! Don't know how it would be to write to; it's kinda like Pavlov's bell for me now: I put it in and I'm usually relaxed and asleep by the third song!

  3. I like the music from The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Never saw the movie but the music is great to listen to. I also love Balmorhea. Their music seeps right into my soul.

  4. I have to say that I listen to music the most when I'm walking/exercising, so I need something that'll keep me moving! My latest favorite songs are "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift/Civil Wars, "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" and "Create in me a Clean Heart" by Keith Green, and some Jeremy Camp. Instrumental I love for relaxation or cool down. I love the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack, along with Somewhere in Time, Pride and Prejudice, and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I wouldn't necessarily recommend these movies, but the soundtracks to The Piano and The Scarlet Letter are good, too. The Majestic soundtrack has some big band style music that's fun along with a great Nat King Cole song : ). Gotta love some Nat. Kelsey looks just like you in that top pick! The chocolate looks great. I guess it makes you feel a little less guilty if it's fruit covered in chocolate : ). I had reeces cups last night...nothing guilt free about those! I enjoyed the post! Blessings~Stacey

  5. my favorite sound track is from Pride and Prejudice. I also love violin music just the violin no words. I also love the sound of bagpipes.

  6. I wrote my first book to selected tracks of Dances with Wolves since the movie was set roughly around the same time period as my book. I like my music to match the time period I'm writing in - so right now since I'm in the midst of a WWII era book, I'm writing to big band music i.e. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and the like. :)

  7. Instrumental music

    Michael W. Smith- Forever(Album Glory.)

    Yiruma- A river flows in You and It's your Day (simply piano)

    My name is Lincoln- From the Island

    Hope it inspires you
    Congrats to your beautiful daughter
    and Love you too, Tammy! =)


  8. The Emma Soundtrack starring Romola Garai and written by Samuel Sim is excellent, as is the Music of Light music written by Rob Mathes.

  9. LOVE these suggestions! Have already purchased some on iTunes. So appreciate you all!


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