Monday, May 7, 2012

A new "younger" reader

I love the picture that Christy Jordan from Christy Jordan's Southern Plate recently posted on my FB Page, along with this (about her cute daughter):

"Katy Rose was very excited to see your books this weekend at Lifeway! I took her to the section and explained who you were (that you had a copy of HER book and had emailed her and that we were friends) and she was over the moon! "Oh Mama, you have GOT to take my picture with this and send it to her!"

Isn't her Katy Rose a doll? Thanks again for sharing that, Christy! Katy Rose, love you, babe! AND the book YOU wrote!



  1. She's adorable!

    Gotta brainwash 'em early!

  2. :) This is awesome!! :)

  3. Tamera Alexander's newest novel, A Lasting Impression, is sure to capture readers and sweep them into the beauty and charm of the Belmont mansion.

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