Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Writing on backsides and bottoms

I just posted some pictures on my Facebook Page along with a sweet discovery I made this weekend as I was cleaning. I'm so grateful my mom believed in writing on "backsides and bottoms!"


  1. I loved the FB pics and the discovery you made. So sweet.

    Of course, what I really want to know about is what you were like as a child and what sort of lessons your mom "wrote" on your backside/bottom as you were growing up! LOL

  2. great FB pictures sweetie, thank you for shaing them, I am bad to write on gifts and things important to me now, and backs for cards sent to me, life is short for us and the memories others will have when they see them is a good feeling.. Have a glorious day, lots of love, hugs and prayers always, Marti

  3. Oh.my.gosh, Tam!
    Can I please join you? Saw the pictures, I love it! Thank you for sharing!
    And how about that gorgeous view you get looking out the office?

    This was truly touching.
    Sending you a squeeze friend. My, what an amazing day it will be, when we finally reach HOME.

  4. LOL, Linda. Oh that made me laugh!! You nut!

    Marti, bless you and I'm off to use my hot pads!! ; )

    Ganise, sending you a squeeze back! And oh yes, on That Day. Won't it be glorious!! For all eternity!!

    Much love, friends!


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