Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sneaky friends and forever fellowship

So, last night I was prepping for a local Nashville show that I'm going to be on this morning (Talk of the Town, Channel 5 at 11AM for you local Nashville friends) where I'll be demoing how to make Beaten Biscuits as featured in To Whisper Her Name, and what do you think happened...

I'm telling you, you cannot trust Robin Lee Hatcher for anything! : )

Truly though, Robin and I (along with Sunni Jeffers, Deborah Raney, and several other writing buddies) have had a blast this past weekend. Robin and Sunni are visiting with me for a couple more days this week. We went to the Belle Meade Plantation yesterday. So fun. Then we ran to Loveless Cafe for lunch...


Including the GooGoo Cluster Pie 
(oh so rich and yummy but one piece was enough for all three of us)

With Judy and Robin 
(we tried to keep Judy in line, but it's a hard job)

We even stopped by my daughter Kelsey's office and gave her a hard time

With Robin, Deb Raney and Sunni Jeffers (love these ladies and so appreciate that our together forever has started here)

Back to Beaten Biscuits… As Betsy says in To Whisper Her Name, "Rollin' pin good for two things… Beatin' biscuits, and beatin' husbands." : )

So, when's the last time someone's sneaked up on you? And with a rolling pin, no less?
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