Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paris and The Netherlands

We're back from Paris and The Netherlands, and Kelsey and I had a marvelous time! Meeting readers was a real blessing, and getting to know my Dutch publishing house better was too. 

Here are some glimpses from last Wednesday when we were in Franeker, the beautiful and charming town where my publisher is located. A special thank you to my daughter, Kelsey, who took so many of the pictures throughout the week. We have 1100+ pictures between us! She has a great eye for beauty and can really capture "the feel" of a place. Love and appreciate you, babe!

I love doors, and so does Kelsey. She took these door pics. Aren't they pretty! Get ready, I'm posting more on my FB Page this week.

With Dingeman van Wijnen and Albert De Vos from www.UITGEVERIJVANWIJNEN.NL (my Dutch publisher), the two gentlemen responsible for my books being in Dutch. My books are on the shelf behind us in their office. And if you think the books are long in English, oh gracious… The Dutch edition of A Lasting Impression could be registered as a weapon (per Kelsey). ; )

I love "path pictures" too. Do you?

With Gea Iedema from the publisher. We've been FB friends for a long time. So great to finally meet in person. Appreciate you, Gea!

We visited the world's oldest planetarium, and let me tell you… It was amazing!

Snapped these two pics on the way home. Lovely end to an especially lovely day.


  1. You have made amazing pictures with your iphone. It's interesting to see Holland through the eyes of an American:-) I have met you at the Katwijk bookstore. I am the one who already is in the possesion of 'to whisper her name'.

  2. Yes! I remember you! Wonderful to connect again here, sweet friend. Thanks for coming by to visit that day. We loved visiting your beautiful country. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Great pics! I enjoyed reading your updates on facebook...it looks like you were in a beautiful place. Blessings~Stacey


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