Monday, March 11, 2013

A Lasting Impression releases in Germany

A Lasting Impression recently released in Germany, and Francke––my German publisher––graciously featured the book in the March issue of their magazine. 

I'm grateful to them for publishing my books into German, and to my German readers for reading! I hope to have the chance to meet some of you one day. Until then, we have the internet!

My favorite line in the article? 

"She said with spaßigem [fun] undertone to her Man: "I think that's what I would also got done. "He replied quite dry: "Then it's just do it"

LOVE that! To my man. And "quite dry." Joe loved that too! And yes, he truly is quite dry in real life. Rarely do I call him my Man though. I think I'll start that.

 And finally, here I am at age 9 boarding a boat that would take us on a tour down the Rhine River to see the castles along the hillside. Talk about a memory that stayed with me. 

I can still remember running my hand along the castle walls, wondering who had lived there and what kind of life they'd had. My love for history started young. 

Do you have an affinity for history? When did your love with the past begin? Do you remember?

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