Sunday, March 3, 2013

Forgeries make A Lasting Impression

Did you see the story this morning on CBS News about an art forger? Very interesting. 

I studied a lot about art forgeries when I was writing A Lasting Impression, in which Claire Laurent, the heroine, is…you guessed it! An art forger. 

Here's the video... 

A Lasting Impression is the first of three books in the Belmont Mansion novels series. I'm writing the second book now and it will release Spring 2014.

I'm also writing another Southern novel series: the Belle Meade Plantation novels. These two Southern series are written to be read either separately or together. So if you enjoyed A Lasting Impression, you might want to check out USA Today bestseller To Whisper Her Name.

And incidentally, Adelicia Acklen (from Belmont Mansion) and General William Giles Harding and his wife Elizabeth (from Belle Meade Plantation) actually knew one another, as their mansions were only 5 miles apart. And yes, you might just catch glimpses of people from one series in another. : )

Read an excerpt from A Lasting Impression
Check out A Lasting Impression on Amazon

Read an excerpt from To Whisper Her Name
Check out To Whisper Her Name on Amazon

Let me show you around the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville
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