Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Beauty So Rare Photo Shoot, Pt 1

I always love seeing "behind the scenes" glimpses of novel covers, so figure you might, too. 

Here are some behind the scenes pics of the photo shoot Bethany House Publishers coordinated for the cover of my next novel, A Beauty So Rare, the second Belmont Mansion novel that releases April 2014.

In the make up chair

Next, the hair

Camera ready!

Back shot of hair

Don't you wish we all still wore these? NOT!

Talk about layers!

Next, the dress...

Finally, the model all dressed and ready, with the incredibly talented
Paul Higdon, Art Director at Bethany House Publishers

Can you tell me what you like most about a cover? Do you like seeing the heroine? The hero? The landscape? Different strokes for different folks, I realize. But I'm curious what a "favorite cover" for you looks like. 

(View Pt 2 of this blog post)

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