Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sugar Chests, Good friends, and MOVING DAY!

Last week some good friends from Colorado were in town and we met for lunch at Pucketts in Franklin (delicious place with a really fun atmosphere), then they showed me the fabulous "find" Willma discovered––a beautiful sugar chest (circa early 1800s). Would love to know the history behind this piece!

Willma Heckman and her daughter, Jenny. (Willma absconded with a packet of sugar from the restaurant so she'd have sugar to put into her sugar chest. She's so funny...)

Me and Willma at Pucketts

Jenny and me before they went (or should I say continued) shopping in Franklin, and I went back to writing

Today is MOVING DAY! The movers arrive in a little over an hour, and I can hardly believe the day is finally here. We ran down to Atlanta this past Friday and spent the weekend packing and moving my Dad. Rained the entire day on Saturday when we were packing furniture into the truck. A mess (but thank you Charleston and Charlie for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you)! We arrived back to Franklin late Sunday night and just parked the truck and trailer in the driveway and fell into bed. I spent yesterday cleaning the "new" (not really new but new to us!) house, arranging last minute details for the move, and now today...to make the transition! 

By the time Dad arrives on Friday, we hope to have his "area" downstairs somewhat in order and ready. But I told him not to get his hopes up...I've got last edits to make on Within My Heart tomorrow and Thursday. And yet, some of the "loose ends" of life in recent months are coming together, and I couldn't be more grateful to God for His Master Hand in all of this. He truly is gracious and faithful beyond words. Thank you, Lord, for the way You work in all things.

I'd appreciate your prayers for a safe move today and that the threatening thunderstorms would hold off until Mom's lovely white sofa is safely back inside. ;)

Much love...
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